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Sweet Om Alabama

Amy Wall and Shannon Hancock yoga instructors are very involved in Sweet Om Alabama.

A great organization I am happy to support as a studio member.

They are bringing yoga to underserved populations.

     For more information about this group their website is

September 17th – Global Mala at Vulcan Park

 8am-11am – Come practice for peace and

help Sweet Om Alabama in its mission.

Each September, Sweet Om Alabama brings the yoga community together at the Global Mala for Peace Project. This annual event is held at Vulcan Park & Museum, where hundreds of participants gather to be led through 108 sun salutations by local teachers against the backdrop of the city skyline. Global Mala’s purpose is to unite yoga communities from every continent, school, and approach to form a “mala around the earth”. The mala, a garland constructed of 108 beads that is used during meditation, signifies the power a group can harness when individual intentions unite for the same cause. Birmingham’s 2015 Global Mala will be hosted by and benefit Sweet Om Alabama, a Birmingham-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to cultivate the health and well-being of Alabamians by mobilizing the yoga community to bring the benefits of yoga to those who lack access and to increase the awareness and practice of yoga in Alabama.

Becoming a Friendraiser, the power of community in action

Friendraising: Making a Difference in Your Community

Join us in making Birmingham and Alabama a healthier place

Dear Friend of Sweet Om Alabama™, 

Sweet Om Alabama™ is growing and needs your help to fund additional outreach programs in the state. Our yoga community is one of the resources that we are asking to get involved in our mission to bring yoga to those that my not have access to yoga. In just 2 years, Sweet Om Alabama™ has established yoga programs at seven agencies offering a variety of community services, from sheltering homeless women and children to helping those with addiction recovery to start their lives anew.

Sweet Om Alabama's newest funding initiative is Friendrasing. This is a program that lets individuals in the yoga community solicit donations from their family and friends with a personal, passionate story. Sweet Om Alabama provides you a great webpage/email template that takes only a few minutes to set up.The template is customized with your personal story of yoga's impact on your life. You share this story with your family and friends asking them to support you by donating to Sweet Om Alabama™.

Your personal, passionate story motivates your friends and family to support you and Sweet Om Alabama's™ efforts to bring yoga to a wider community. They just click on the donate button on your personal site and they can make a secure donation in your name. By sharing your story and sending your Friendraiser link to your family and friends, they will appreciate being able to support you in something that you care about!

Our Friendraiser is off to a wonderful start! We are so excited to see that many individuals have already created and established their Friendraiser page! But we still need your help and commitment. Friendraising is an easy and impactful way for you to take action in making your community healthier by offers others opportunities to practice yoga.

With your support and the contributions of your family and friends we will be able to continue spreading the transformative power of yoga to organizations and individuals in Alabama, that would otherwise lack access to yoga. We currently offer yoga programs to the following organizations:

  • Pathways, A Woman’s Way Home
  • East Lake United Methodist Church
  • St. Anne’s Home
  • The Amelia Center
  • AIDS Alabama
  • Yoga of Recovery
  • Children’s Hospital. 

The funds that you help raise will be used to:

  • Pay teachers a small stipend each month as they spread the benefits of yoga to these organizations
  • Establish new yoga programs throughout Alabama
  • Help supply yoga mats and props to be used in these classes
  • Provide specialized teacher training for yoga therapy in order to better serve these organizations
  • Initiate a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship that is planned to launch in 2016.

Setting up your Friendraiser page is easy! But if you need any help at all please contact and one of our helpful Sweet Om Alabama members will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to look at other supporter pages for inspiration and ideas, however you will inspire others best by sharing your own personal story!

Everything counts! Even the smallest donation will help! Please get involved with your yoga community. Sweet Om Alabama passionately believes that we can make a difference in our community and the world but we need your help to fund these programs,

Thank you so much for joining us in our efforts to expand our outreach program, teacher workshops and spreading the overall goodness of yoga. We are very grateful for you and your support


Below are the instructions for setting up your page, Just click on the Global Mala Friendraiser link to go to the start page for your account.

Global Mala 2014
The next generation of yogis.

How To Set Up Your Page

It’s as simple as one, two, three to setup your Friendraiser page!

1) Simply visit:
Global Mala Freindraiser

2) Click on green “Become a Friendraiser” button - looks like this

3) You can sign up using your Facebook login or your email.

4) Fill out the simple information sheet

5) Personalize your story by telling
What the benefits of yoga are to you
Why you started practicing
How it impacted your life

6) Make a small donation yourself to show you are committed to the cause. 

7) Almost done, now all you have to do is share it with Facebook, Twitter and your email list. Once you sign up we will make sure you receive some additional instructions but this should get your started!

That's a great job and you are making a difference in the lives of others, your community and the world.

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Sweet Om Alabama
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Birmingham, AL 35223


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